Sunday, December 26, 2010

Navidad Salvadoreña

A question I get asked a lot here is 'how do you celebrate Christmas in Australia?'

I don't rightly know!! See, we always celebrated it El Salvador style at our place.

1. Make lots of food.

2. Visit friends and hang out.

Except we do it on the 24th.

The Average Aussie family does more or less the same thing, except on the 25th, and with more beach-ness... Right?

8 PM on the 24th, and I was on track to having a pretty crappy Christmas. My Grandma was pretty ill, and she was in hospital (no dramas folks, she's much better now, I'd say she's at 80%), and I was on catching up on the stuff I hadn't read.

Anyway, I got lucky and ended up celebrating Christmas El Salvador style, doing the rounds with my Great Uncle Toño and his family. It was awesome fun; I met his in-laws who were great fun. I had an absolute blast there =D

It was a familiar experience, except I felt a little bit removed from it; they were very welcoming, but Christmas away from home sucks.

After that we headed to my cousin Carlos' place, where we let off a bunch of firecrackers at midnight. I've never blown sh*t up before, I don't really have a taste for it. Those firecrackers are LOUD!! And when you put them next to each other they act like cluster bombs, throwing little packages that spread noise, smoke and bits of shredded newspaper everywhere. I felt like I was playing worms or something.

Ahhhhh that's all I have to say about that.

Miss you guys, see you soon!!

And Merry Christmas!!


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